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I’m a professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of New Hampshire. I teach management, finance, economics, career development, and a variety of other courses. When I’m not teaching I do research on leadership, career transitions, mentorship, and other themes around finding meaning in work and life. With my eclectic set of teaching and research interests, I’m always looking for new inputs, so I’m always scouring the web for new things to share. This newsletter is sort of the “best of” what I found each week.

Each week I share three or more links to articles, videos, and podcasts that I thought were meaningful in helping me reflect on leadership, healthcare, business, economics, or just being a better human being. I provide a link and some thoughts on why you should interact with each of them, too.

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Also, check out my podcast, Health Leader Forge Podcast: http://healthleaderforge.org where I do in-depth interviews with healthcare leaders.

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Mark Bonica

I teach at U of NH, Health Management & Policy. Retired Army MSC. Research careers of healthcare leaders. Podcast: Health Leader Forge