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I was introduced to the Ancient Greeks as a high school freshman in a Western Civilization class. The question that Socrates and others raised was, what is a good life? In between all the teenage distractions, this question took root and began to grow. I learned later there are many ways to define what a good life is. I have since modified this question to be: what does it mean to live a worthy life?

Pursuing this question led me to undergraduate work in philosophy and literature, a career in the US Army as a Medical Service Corps officer, and graduate degrees in business and economics.

In this publication, which includes two newsletters and a podcast, I venture to explore this question of what does it mean to live a worthy life.

RWL Newsletter: RWL stands for [R]eading [W]atching [L]istening. I’m a professor in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of New Hampshire. I teach management, finance, economics, career development, and a variety of other courses. With my eclectic set of teaching and research interests, I’m always looking for new inputs, so I’m always scouring the web for new things to share. This newsletter is sort of the “best of” what I found each week. I cover a lot of diverse topics in RWL, but they all relate back to how to be more aware and better.

Each week I share three or more links to articles, videos, and podcasts that I thought were meaningful in helping me reflect on leadership, healthcare, business, economics, or just being a better human being. I provide a link and some thoughts on why you should interact with each of them, too.

Flourishing in the World Newsletter: A weekly essay where I try to take on topics directly related to living a worthy life. Many of these topics are related to my research interests and I share them with the intent of providing tools and insight.

Flourishing in the World Podcast: A monthly podcast where I interview academics and practitioners about topics related to living a worthy life.

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An exploration of what it means and what it takes to live a worthy life. Join me in this pursuit of becoming a better human.


I teach at U of NH, Health Management & Policy. Retired Army MSC. Research careers of healthcare leaders. Podcasts: Flourishing in the World, Health Leader Forge, and Honest Chaos